“ALX and The Fellowship have provided me with top-notch knowledge and career growth opportunities, and I’m having the feast of my life! The input they bring to our growth as rising tech professionals is invaluable.

Solomon Kebede

Software Engineer


“ALX definitely enhanced my software engineering skills by providing structure around learning software development methods and providing ample practice to thoroughly absorb the modules.

Kalkidan Berta

Software Engineer


What our learners are saying

“From free AWS courses to certifications and killer hubs, ALX launched my tech career and soft skills.”

Sidonah Hadis
AWS, Ethiopia

“ALX has been instrumental in shaping my professional journey. Through their innovative approach, real-world learning experiences, and supportive community, I’ve developed essential skills, gained confidence, and accessed invaluable networking opportunities. Choosing ALX was a no-brainer for me; their commitment to fostering growth and collaboration in a diverse and inclusive environment resonated deeply ”

Bemnet Yitagesu
AICE , Ethiopia

“ALX’s AWS program ignited my cloud passion! Addis Ababa hub’s teamwork helped solve real-world challenges.”

AWS, Ethiopia

“The standout feature for me is the supportive and inspiring community fostered by ALX. The collaborative spirit and hands-on learning approach at the hub have been particularly enjoyable. A memorable highlight was engaging in a team project where we navigated challenges together, making the learning process both fulfilling and fun. ALX has far exceeded my expectations, and I’m excited to be part of such a dynamic and rewarding program”

Yohannes Yemane
AiCE, Ethiopia

“ALX Software Engineering has been a transformative experience for me. Beginning with the fundamentals and gradually expanding my knowledge, it has opened my eyes to the vast world of software engineering and the importance of ongoing learning. I chose ALX for its structured and beginner-friendly courses, providing a clear path for learning that caters to all levels of expertise.
Beyond the curriculum, the ALX community has been incredibly supportive. Weekly and monthly gatherings foster idea-sharing and collaboration, creating a space where learning extends beyond the classroom”

Yakob Solomon
SE, Ethiopia

“ALX is playing an essential role in my development, providing invaluable skills and resources for my growth. As I look ahead, ALX remains an essential platform for my continued learning journey. What drew me to ALX initially was its focus on relevant, in-demand skills and its strong sense of community. The collaborative environment is perhaps my favorite aspect, as it fosters shared growth and learning among peers. The hub itself offers a comfortable, innovative space where I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with friendly and motivated individuals. One standout experience for me was during a group project, where we overcame challenges together, learned extensively, and had a great time doing so. ALX has truly exceeded my expectations, and I’m excited to see where this journey takes me next”

Yoseph Abebe
AiCE, Ethiopia

“ALX Ethiopia’s Karibu event wasn’t just about meeting people, it was about feeling the energy and seeing firsthand how collaboration turns ideas into projects that make a difference.”

Sisay & Tsion
Ventures & AiCE ,Ethiopia

“ALX’s program & community helped me grow! Joined Salesforce with zero experience, aiming for new opportunities in Africa. Loved learning with friends during milestones. Now I embrace challenges! “

Amir Hayredin
Salesforce, Ethiopia

“Joining ALX Ethiopia was more than learning new skills, it was about being welcomed into a supportive network of tech enthusiasts who inspire and challenge you to reach your full potential.”


“ALX has been pivotal in my learning journey, offering dynamic resources and a supportive community. I chose ALX for its innovative approach to education and networking opportunities. The vibrant community and engaging hub environment foster collaborative learning. Meeting Mr. Fred Swaniker was memorable.”

Ruth Tewodros Seyoum
AiCE, Ethiopia

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