Virtual Assistant

Gain the Skills to Become a Virtual Assistant

This programme includes:
    • Essential skills to launch your career as a VA
    • Hands-on projects to refine your skills
    • Build your professional network and understand how to maintain clients

Application deadline is 25 July 2024

No Admin Fee
  • Duration
    8 Weeks
  • Commitment
    30-40 hrs/week, Online
  • Start Date
    5 August 2024
  • Admin Fee
  • Application Deadline
    25 July 2024

8 Weeks


30-40 hrs/week, Online

Start Date

5 August 2024

Admin Fee


Application Deadline

25 July 2024

Programme Highlights

Learning by doing:

Learn to leverage AI and other workplace apps to work with and support decision makers and gain first-hand insights on how organisations are led.

Learning from others:

Engage with peers, attend events, and receive direct feedback from mentors and seasoned VAs, building your professional network and essential skills.

Formal coursework & training:

Gain practical experience to develop the right skill sets, tools, and mindsets to thrive as a VA in a rapidly evolving global workplace.

“I was able to relaunch my business AND got at least a new paying customer who ended up purchasing at my highest consulting package partly because I was able to gain more value to offer her from participating in YEP”. Founder of Meremeta Africa Beauty

Joy Stacy

Working Professional:

Who Should Enrol?

This programme is suitable for people already working in tech, and for those who have no prior tech knowledge or experience.

Abasi Ahmed
    • Years of Experience: 2
    • Role: Business Administrator
    • Age: 21
    • Country: Egypt 
    • Education: Higher Certificate in Business Management 
    • Goal:  Improve Technical Skills
Anele Botha
    • Years of Experience: 1 year (internship )
    • Role: Business Management Student
    • Age: 23
    • Country: South Africa
    • Education: Diploma 
    • Goal: To become a successful entrepreneur
Adaobi Okafor
    • Years of Experience: 2
    • Role: Human Resources
    • Age: 25
    • Country: Nigeria
    • Education: Diploma
    • Goal: Develop Organizational Skills

Your Learning Journey

Mastering the essentials of being a Virtual Assistant will give you key skills needed to find meaningful work. Develop meaningful strategies and the healthy mindset needed to become a successful VA.

WEEK 1 & 2: Onboarding & Understanding VA

Kickoff with Karibu, and begin the first two weeks of the programme by learning about the responsibilities of a VA and what it takes to succeed. Essential Skills • Professional Skills • Time Management

WEEK 3 & 4: Practise Essential VA Tools

Learn essential skills including managing your client’s email and calendar, creating presentations, researching, booking travel, and data entry. Asana • Google Workspace • Expense Tracking

WEEK 5: Finding Opportunities & Upskilling

Understand how to find a job full time or freelance by learning how to network and market yourself, price your hours, and build relationships with clients. Upskilling • Networking • Relationship Building

WEEK 6: Sourcing Opportunities

Find your own practice opportunity by applying to jobs and reaching out to clients, showcasing your skills to help you start finding work. Interviewing • Negotiating • Relationship Building

WEEK 7: Practise Completing VA Tasks

Conduct your practice opportunity and put all the skills you’ve learnt to practice, simulating real-world VA tasks and deliverables. Practise opportunity • Hear from other VAs

WEEK 8: Niche Skills & Programme Conclusion

Request feedback, review niche skill sets, and gauge the possibility of future work using your new VA skills. Tips to get hired • VA Starter Pack • VA Tools

Launch Your VA Career in 8 Weeks

    • Learn how to use workplace tools to support decision-makers
    • Identify your personal strengths and areas of growth to create a plan to support your career
    • Engage in career workshops to showcase your abilities and start your career

Programme Requirements

  • 18-34 years old
  • Of African origin
  • Ability to write and speak English proficiently
  • A laptop or desktop computer with access to a stable internet connection

3-Step Admissions Process


Create Account

Create an ALX admissions account and confirming it via email


Start Application

Application process will take 45 – 60 minutes


Confirm Enrollment

Once accepted to the programme, you will be asked to enrol to secure participation.


No, the Virtual Assistant Programme does not require learners to pay an administration fee. Learners who meet our eligibility criteria will be able to participate in this programme at no cost.

ALX continuously updates its programme offering. Due to high demand, we are thrilled to offer our 2024 learners the opportunity to participate in an updated version of the VA programme in two separate cohorts.

At its core, the programme offers the same professional skills development required to start a career as a VA. The programme offered in 2024 has been updated to include the most recent tech innovations relevant for a career as a VA.

ALX offers job-ready training in the tech fields employers need most. ALX is brought to you by the organisation that leads African Leadership Academy, African Leadership University, and Anzisha Prize Foundation.

The ALX Selection Process is a two-step online process. First applicants will be required to complete a registration form which will take a few minutes to complete. Once this has been submitted, pplicants will be directed to our online application platform. The application will take approximately 90 mins to complete and consists of three sections; including an English proficiency test. Applicants will also receive access to the online application via email. Your link to the application is personal and therefore cannot be shared.

Please click on the following link to see our payment terms and options.

Application deadline is 25 July 2024

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