AWS Cloud Computing

Become a cloud expert with exceptional knowledge of core AWS and cloud computing services to help businesses access and utilise cloud-based computing power, storage, and databases.


6 Months, 20-30 hrs/week, Online

Admin Fee


Start Date

11 March 2024

Application Deadline

27 February 2024

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy member institution, ALX has access to the AWS Academy cloud computing curriculum. The ALX Cloud Computing programme is developed and maintained by AWS, a market leader in cloud technologies used by organisations across the world.

The programme kicks off with ALX Foundations, a 2-month module that prepares you to thrive in the digital workforce. You will learn critical communication, leadership, and career-building skills that will help you develop into a well-rounded professional.

Each week after is dedicated to a different offering of AWS, focusing on Solutions Architecture, Storage & Databases, Cloud Architecture, and Security. These modules translate to a different potential career paths AWS Cloud Practitioners can follow upon receiving their certifications.

After successfully completing this programme, you will receive globally-recognised AWS Cloud Practitioner and Solutions Architect certifications issued by Amazon Web Services.


  • Cloud Concepts, Economics, Security & AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Networking and Content Delivery, Compute & Storage services
  • Databased, Cloud Architecture & Automatic Scaling & Monitoring
  • Catch-up Week / 1st Exam Week

  • Cloud Practitioner Exam Week
  • Recess Week
  • Introduction to AWS Cloud Architecting
  • Storage & Compute Layers

  • Database Layers & Networking Environment
  • Catch-up Week
  • Connecting Networks and User & Application Access
  • Automating your Architecture

  • Caching Content & Building Decoupled Architectures
  • Catch-up Week
  • Microservices and Serverless Architectures, & Disaster Planning
  • Capstone + Exam Prep Week
  • Solutions Architect Exam Week
  • Ensure you’re well-prepared with sought-after professional skills for the present-day digital workforce in the prestigious 3-month ALX Foundations course.
  • Equip individuals with essential skills and knowledge in AWS cloud computing and technology.
  • Prepare learners for diverse and global career opportunities in cloud-related roles.
  • Grant access to The Fellowship, a prestigious talent community with networking opportunities, perks, rewards, and ongoing learning.

At the end of the programme, you will learn:

  • Core AWS and cloud computing services, including: use cases, data security, and pricing models
  • Holistic understanding of how AWS software systems bring business visions to life
  • How to navigate the creation and deployment of applications within AWS platforms
  • How to develop plans for the adoption of cloud solutions
  • How to manage and monitor cloud platforms

Skills You'll Gain

  • AWS Console
  • Linux Terminal


Qualify for In-Demand Jobs in Cloud Computing

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Fees & Financing

Our partnerships allow us to offer eligible candidates access to sponsored world-class training with programme costs waived.
For all successfully accepted learners, ALX charges a one-time administration fee, payable upfront or in monthly instalments to confirm your enrollment in your programme.

Programme Value (cost waived)2024 Administration FeePay in Full (discount 20%)2x Instalment PlanPay as you Learn (monthly)

Programme Requirements

  • 18-34 years old
  • Of African origin
  • Ability to write and speak English proficiently
  • A laptop or desktop computer with access to a stable internet connection


To work within the cloud, coding isn’t necessarily required. For jobs that will pay less, you don’t need to know how to code. If, however, you want to become a Cloud Architect, Developer, or work in DevOps, you will have to learn how to code. Luckily, it isn’t hard to learn on the job if you want to.

With a certificate from the AWS ALX Cloud Computing Programme, you can become a certified IT professional. This credential will help you get your dream Cloud Computing job as a cloud developer, Cloud Architect, or Cloud Project Manager, to name a few.

Upon successfully completing your programme, you will be invited to join The Fellowship community where you will have access to a global network of resources, job opportunities, and ongoing career support.

Please ask LEA our Learning Experience Assistant for more information and answers to any additional questions.

You can only register for the one programme at a time due to training requirements rigour. If you have already applied to or are currently enrolled in a programme, you will not be eligible to apply to another programme.

Meet Our Mentors

Dare Omotosho
Certified AWS Solutions Architect

With three years of experience in Cloud Computing, Dare is a curious and ambitious professional deeply passionate about Cloud technologies. He possesses a strong understanding of AWS technologies and has the ability to simplify complex concepts through analogies. He also has mentorship experience in the Cloud sector having previously worked with Udacity as a Technical Mentor. In his role as a certified AWS Solutions Architect, he actively mentors and guides a diverse community of more than a thousand learners on their journey to becoming proficient AWS Solution Architects.

Salaudeen AbdulRasaq
CloudOps Engineer

CloudOps / DevOps Engineer and Tech Educator with vast System Administration knowledge and a keen interest in the DevOps practice, automation, and secure deployment of highly available software platforms and solutions. Passionate about empowering people with core tech-related knowledge and skills, with 6+ years of experience in teaching diverse groups in Africa and beyond using modern technology and collaborative tools. Competent in delivering effective information technology solutions using cutting-edge high-tech into engineering practice.

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