Admissions Policy

1. Purpose of this document:

A. The ALX Admissions Process is committed to ensuring that each applicant has a fair chance when it comes to applying for our programmes.

B. This document sets out ALX’s Admissions Policy and outlines what is expected of each applicant during the admissions process, and once they become part of the ALX community.

2. Scope: This policy applies to all individuals who are in the admissions process for an ALX Programme (the “Applicants”). The relevant dates and timelines for ALX’s admissions process are published annually on our website

3. Policy Statement: The ALX Admissions Process is committed to ensuring that each Applicant has a fair chance when applying for our programmes. All processes described in this Policy will happen online.

4. Responsibilities: The ALX Selections team is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this Policy.


A. ALX Programmes or Programmes: refers to the specific training programmes offered by ALX.

B. ALX Applications or Applications: refer to the requests and /or submissions through which individuals apply to participate in the ALX Programmes.

C. Appeals panel: a separate body responsible for reviewing the findings and decisions made by the investigation team. Their role is to ensure that the investigation is conducted fairly and that all relevant evidence is considered. If necessary, they have the authority to overturn or modify the decisions made by the investigation team, providing an additional layer of accountability and ensuring a fair outcome for all parties involved

D. Copyright: refers to the legal protection granted to original works of authorship in any created literary or artistic work, whether published or unpublished.

E. Confidential Information: Includes any information or data related to the ALX Application process and to other Applicants that may be shared with an Applicant in oral, visual, written or electronic form at any time.

F. Cohort: A group of learners who are admitted and participate together in an ALX Programme during a particular admissions period.

G. Discrimination: The unfair treatment or prejudice against individuals or groups based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or any other protected characteristic.

h. Dishonesty: In the context of the application process, dishonesty refers to providing false, misleading, or deceptive information intentionally, either in the application materials or during interviews.

I. Harassment: Any unwanted or offensive behaviour directed towards an individual or a group, which may include verbal, written, visual, or physical conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile, or uncomfortable environment.

J. Investigation team: an impartial board selected to investigate any concerns raised about a particular issue or incident related to the admissions process. The team is composed of individuals who have no personal or professional stake in the outcome of the investigation, ensuring objectivity and fairness. Their primary goal is to gather all relevant information, analyse it thoroughly, and provide an impartial report based on their findings.

K. Misconduct: Any actions or behaviours that violate our Learner’s Expectations, which may include but are not limited to harassment, discrimination, dishonesty, plagiarism, or any other unacceptable conduct, such as impersonating ALX and unlawfully soliciting payments from learners.

I. Plagiarism: Using someone else’s ideas, words, or intellectual property and presenting them as one’s own work. This includes copying and pasting content from other sources as your own work.

m. Cheating: Refers to any dishonest or fraudulent behaviour aimed at gaining an unfair advantage in the ALX application process. This may include but is not limited to, using unauthorised materials, seeking external help without permission, copying answers from others, or sharing application answers with other applicants through any medium, such as recording the application and sharing on YouTube. Cheating undermines the integrity of the application process and the overall educational experience for all applicants.

Application and Admissions Process

1.Application Process

Though our process is always being refined based on feedback shared by both internal and external stakeholders, our typical process involves the following. Please note that this process may change.

a. Application: An applicant creates an account on our admissions portal by filling out their personal details. The applicant then completes the required application. All applications are done online through our admissions portal.

b. Assessment: Applicants will receive a request to complete the assessment through the online portal where they applied. Assessments must be completed within the time period provided. The assessment gives us a better understanding of an applicant’s aptitude, knowledge, and potential.

c. Feedback: Once the application and the assessment are reviewed, we will inform the applicant whether they have or have not been successful in their ALX application.

Applying to more than one Programme:

Due to training requirements and programme rigour, ALX only permits learners to be enrolled in one programme at a time. If you have applied to or are currently enrolled in a programme, you will not be eligible to apply to another programme for the same period.


If an applicant is not successful in their application to one ALX Programme, we may recommend an alternate programme for them to apply to. Similarly, if an applicant withdraws from, drops out of or fails a programme, they may reapply to the next upcoming cohort.

2.Eligibility Criteria

.For an applicant to be eligible for an ALX programme, they need to meet the following minimum requirements:

.Be of African descent (defined as anyone who can prove they are African through documentation like passports, birth certificates or national ID’s, whether or not they are born and/or raised in Africa);

.Be between 18 – 34 years of age; and

.Have access to a computer with a stable internet connection for the duration of the Programme

3. Admissions

Acceptance into ALX programmes is not guaranteed. All applicants will receive feedback on whether or not their application was successful between 24 hours to 4 weeks after the application’s submission. At this time, we do not have a waiting list, however this may change in the future.

Acceptance: If an Applicant meets our minimum admissions criteria and passes their assessment, they may be accepted into the ALX programme they applied for. Depending on the programme, an applicant may need to confirm their enrollment by making payment. Please see here for more information about the payment terms and conditions.

Rejection: If an applicant does not meet our minimum admissions criteria or does not pass their assessment, they will be rejected from the ALX programme.

ALX Admissions Code of Conduct

(the “Code”)

Plagiarism, Cheating, and Dishonesty:

a.Original Work: All Applicants must submit their own original application and assignments. Plagiarism, Cheating, or submitting false information, including using AI software like Chat GPT to answer Application questions, is strictly prohibited.

Plagiarism, Cheating, and Dishonesty:

a.Original Work: All Applicants must submit their own original application and assignments. Plagiarism, Cheating, or submitting false information, including using AI software like Chat GPT to answer Application questions, is strictly prohibited.

b.Truthful Information: Applicants must provide accurate, factual and truthful information throughout the application process, including profile information such as names and age. This information should be verifiable upon request.

Harassment and Discrimination:

a.Respectful and Inclusive Environment: We treat all applicants and ALX staff with respect. Harassment or Discrimination will not be tolerated.

b.Consequences of violating this rule: ALX considers Harassment as a serious offence, and we will not hesitate to take decisive action to maintain a culture of respect, inclusivity, and professionalism. In cases where Harassment and Discrimination are found to be severe and/or persistent, ALX reserves the right to impose a ban on the applicant from applying to any future or current ALX programmes. This ban is intended to protect the integrity of the learning community and ensure a safe and respectful environment for all participants

Copyright Infringement:

a.Confidentiality and Privacy: Respect the confidentiality and privacy of the application process. Recording, sharing, or disseminating any aspect of the ALX Application process or Programme, including the Confidential Information, on any platform without explicit written permission from ALX is strictly prohibited.

b.Consequences of Violations:

  1. Violations of this Code may result in disqualification from the application process, consequently prohibiting the applicant from joining any of our current or future programmes, depending on the severity of the violation. This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by our Disciplinary Committee.

2. ALX reserves the right to take further action, including notifying relevant authorities or taking legal action if applicable.

Timely Submissions: Applicants must adhere to all specified application or programme deadlines. Late submissions may not be accepted unless otherwise stated by ALX. If there is a valid, unavoidable reason for a late submission, ALX will review the reason. ALX may accept or reject the reason at its sole discretion.

Policy Guidelines:

a.Reporting Misconduct: Any applicant who becomes aware of or experiences Misconduct during the application process is encouraged to promptly report the Misconduct through our help centre. All allegations will be treated seriously.

b.Investigation Process:

1.Upon receiving a report of Misconduct, we are committed to conducting a fair and impartial investigation. The investigation process will be initiated promptly and will be carried out by three staff members from the admissions team or the designated Investigation Team. The selection of investigators will depend on the nature and complexity of the allegations.

2.The duration of the investigation process will vary based on the severity and complexity of the alleged offence. We understand the importance of timely resolution and will strive to conclude the investigation as expeditiously as possible while ensuring a thorough and fair examination of the facts. However, it is important to note that the exact timeline may vary case by case

3.The consequences of Misconduct during the Application process may vary depending on the severity of the offence. Each matter will be heard by the Disciplinary Committee.

c.Consequences of Misconduct

The Disciplinary Committee will be composed of three members from the admissions team, and, depending on the case, it may also include members from our legal team (the “Disciplinary Committee”). An investigation will be initiated within ten business days from the date that the complaint was made or the date the issue came to the knowledge of ALX.

The following actions are examples of potential consequences:

1. Warning:

A formal warning may be issued to the individual responsible for the Misconduct. This serves as a notification that their behaviour violated the code of conduct and emphasises the importance of adhering to our ethical standards.


Misconduct may result in the disqualification of an applicant. Disqualified applicants will receive notification of the decision and the specific reasons for disqualification via email. The duration of disqualification will depend on the severity of the offence and will be determined as follows:

a.Plagiarism: Disqualification for a period of three Cohorts.

b.Discrimination: Disqualification for a period of five years.

c.Harassment: Banned from completing any ALX Programmes.

d.Other Violations: Any other offences that violate this Code of Conduct will be decided at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee, including the disqualification duration.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all applicants and participants in our programmes, and we take Misconduct seriously. Disqualification is an important measure to ensure the integrity of our community and the effectiveness of our programmes.

3.Legal Action:

In cases where the Misconduct involves criminal activities (like impersonation or fraud), we may report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for further investigation and potential legal action.


Applicants have the right to appeal decisions given against them for violating this Code. The following outlines the steps involved in the appeal process:

1. Submission of Appeal: The individual seeking an appeal (the “Appellant”) must submit a written appeal letter to the Appeals Panel within two weeks of receiving the disciplinary decision. The appeal letter should clearly state the reasons for the appeal, including any new evidence or information that may not have been previously considered.

2.Formation of Appeal Panel: The appeal will be heard by the Appeal Panel consisting of three impartial and unbiased individuals who were not involved in the initial disciplinary decision. The Appeal Panel may include ALX staff members or external experts, as deemed appropriate by our Legal Team. disciplinary decision. The Appeal Panel may include ALX staff members or external experts, as deemed appropriate by our Legal Team.

3.Review and Hearing: The Appeal Panel will conduct a thorough review of the case, considering all the evidence presented in the initial disciplinary process and any new information provided in the appeal letter. If necessary, a hearing may be arranged where the Appellant and relevant witnesses can present their perspectives and respond to questions from the Appeal Panel.

4.Appeal Decision: Following the review and hearing, the Appeal Panel will make a decision on the appeal. The decision may result in one of the following outcomes:

a.Uphold the original disciplinary decision

b.Modify the original disciplinary decision.

c.Overturn the original disciplinary decision and issue a new decision.

5.Notification: The Appeal Panel will provide a written statement outlining the reasons for their decision to the Appellant. The Appeal Panel’s decision will be final, and no further appeals within ALX’s internal process will be allowed.


ALX takes misconduct during the programme application process seriously. This Policy establishes a framework for and addresses misconduct which may arise during the application process. By adhering to this Policy, we strive to maintain a fair, safe, inclusive, and professional learning environment for all participants.











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