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Through connection and collaboration, learners can utilise Hubs to boost their productivity and achieve their individual career goals.

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We host masterclasses, lectures, and networking events regularly at our Hubs that help ALX learners make the right connections and boost their career.

Our Hub. Our Story.

Breakout spaces foster peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, while the exclusive Gold Fellows lounge is purposefully designed for networking events that empower.

“The hub itself offers a thoughtfully crafted work environment, where every detail from the design to the lighting and chairs contributes to a comfortable and productive atmosphere that is truly inspiring.

One of my most memorable experiences at the hub was the visit from Fred Swaniker, which proved to be an engaging event. The presence of Chewata Awaqi further enriched the experience, leaving a highly positive and memorable impression on my learning journey. ALX Software Engineering has not only equipped me with technical skills but has also provided me with a supportive community and inspiring experiences that have truly enhanced my growth as a software engineer”

Yakob Solomon

ALX SE Graduate, Ethiopia

“The vibrant atmosphere, hands-on learning opportunities, and supportive staff at the ALX hub have created an ideal setting for me to thrive. One memorable experience was during a collaborative project at the hub where I not only learned new software but also forged lasting friendships. Combining creativity with critical thinking in such a dynamic setting was truly fulfilling. I’m eager to continue this journey with ALX and see where it takes me next”

Bemnet Yitagesu

ALX AiCE Graduate, Ethiopia

Our Hub Locations

CapStone ALX Tech Hub, Lideta


CapStone Building, 4th Floor; across the street from Balcha Hospital main entrance

The Lideta Hub is nestled in the oldest part of the city, but boasts a modern atmosphere. With 192 workstations and 210 informal seating areas, there is space for more than 400 eager minds at a time.

This Hub acts as a learning sanctuary where peer-to-peer knowledge exchange can flourish in breakout spaces. The exclusive Gold Fellows lounge is designed to facilitate networking events too that help tech professionals turbocharge their career.

There are also cosy spots like the learner cafe, the community area to learn with peers, short-term focus zones dedicated to learning, and phone booths for private calls.



Monday | CLOSED

Tuesday | 9am – 9pm

Saturday | 8am – 8pm

Sunday | 10 am – 6pm

CityPoint ALX Tech Hub, Hayahulet Mazoria


CityPoint Noah Building, 6th Floor; next to Golagul Building

Located in the heart of Addis Ababa, the Haya Hulet Mazoria Hub promises learners convenience. With 180 workstations and 179 informal seating areas, the Hub can accommodate over 350 knowledge seekers at any given time.

With its industrial style and retro-influence, the trendy learner cafe and community area create a sense of creativity and community. For in-depth discussions or conferences, there are designated meeting rooms learners can take advantage of, made available by appointment.



Monday | CLOSED

Tuesday | 9am – 9pm

Saturday | 8am – 8pm

Sunday | 10 am – 6pm

The Happenings @ ALX Ethiopia

META Youth Digital Career Day

  • June 22, 2024
  • Sci-Bono Discovery Centre: Corner of Miriam Makeba and Helen Joseph (formerly Newtown), Johannesburg, GP 2001

Addis Teencode Hackathon

  • June 8, 2024

Live Podcast Session

  • April 27, 2024
  • CapStone ALX Tech Hub, Lideta

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