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Become a Full-Stack Software Engineer

12 months  |  Full-time  |  Application Deadline: 11 February 2022

Digital Transformation is the next Industrial Revolution

Our programmes are designed to provide you with in-demand technology skills for the careers that power the world.

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with ALX

With ALX’s best-in-class training, and our commitment to lifelong learning, we’ve created an unrivaled opportunity to prepare, launch and grow your career.

Future Proof

Focused on the high paying, in-demand fields of today and tomorrow.

Career Development

Go beyond ALX and gain access to The ROOM - a network of opportunities, and a community of peers and mentors to support your career growth.

Anywhere, Anytime

Hosted remotely, access learning on your time from any place.

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Real world learning approach provides the skills and experience you can put to work on day one.


Monthly start dates let you kick-off when you are ready to commit.


Programme fees waived in 2022. Sponsored by MasterCard Foundation and other partners.

Careers Aimed
at Growth

Companies across the globe will continue to face crucial talent gaps over the next decade. ALX focuses on the in-demand, technology careers that support the kinds of digital transformation employers are required to make now and in the future.

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March 2022

Digital Transformation

Software Engineering, Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity are some of the fastest growing fields on the planet. Our programmes focus on building the skillsets, through real-time project based learning, to get you ready to transform our world.

March 2022

Business Intelligence and Support

The changing business landscape is forcing employers to embrace new ways of working. Areas of Business Intelligence, Digital Sales, and Virtual Support are growing at rapid rates. ALX will soon offer these programs, and more, to help young leaders launch their careers.

February 2022


We take pride in helping young entrepreneurs pursue building businesses of their own. Through our bootcamp, we provide the foundational skills, support, advice, and the network to help startups succeed.

In 2021 April, I met the most important thing in my life and career - ALX SE program. Since then ALX became the light and company I needed in my learning journey to make my dream a reality. It's now January 2022, I'm more than glad to say I am halfway there.
— Firdaus H. Salim
Twelve years ago when I had just finished my college all I wanted to do was to become a Software Engineer. One day I found this amazing program and I am having the best time of my life just studying Software Engineering, I can't begin to imagine what joy I will have when I start using my knowledge to solve real-time problems.
— Ogiji Simon Adanu

Why we do what we do

We believe talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not

As part of the African Leadership Group, our mission is to transform the future of Africa by creating 2M job opportunities by 2030 for young African talent, and inspire the next generation of leaders.

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Go further with The ROOM and build your network of success

After completing your ALX program, you are invited to join The ROOM as a Fellow. Access a world class community of global employer partners, influential leaders and mentors, and a diverse network of like-minded peers.

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