Welcome to ALX Admissions. You will find all the information you need on our current intake and what the admissions process entails.

Our 3-Step Admissions Process

Eligibility Requirements

To apply and join ALX, you need to meet our eligibility criteria:

    1. Be 18 -34 years old
    2. Be of African origin

Current intakes

Below are the programme types we currently offer. Click on any of the programmes below to learn more and apply.

A. Data

B. Programming &  Development

C. Business

D. Career


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Fees and Finances 

Our partnerships allow us to offer eligible candidates access to world-class training with programme costs waived. For successfully accepted learners, ALX may charge a one-time administration fee to confirm their enrolment in our programme.

For enrolment into the Data, Programming & Development and Business programmes, ALX offers a programme fee sponsorship that requires learners to only pay an administration fee. Upon acceptance, learners receive communication through the Admissions Portal to make their payment.

ALX offers flexible payment terms:

  1. One-time payment upfront with a 20% discount. This payment is due upon acceptance into the programme, no later than two weeks after receiving the acceptance confirmation email.
  2. 50% instalments with the first payment due upon acceptance into the programme, no later than two weeks after receiving the acceptance confirmation email, and the second payment due upon completion of Foundations and before commencing your technical specialisation.
  3. Monthly instalments with the first payment due upon acceptance into the programme, no later than two weeks after receiving the acceptance confirmation email.
  • Administration fees are as follows based on the payment terms chosen:
Programme2024 Admin
Pay in Full
(discount 20%)
2x Instalment
Pay as you Learn
Career Accelerator (AiCE)$0$0$0$0
AWS Cloud Computing$150$120$75$25
Front-End Web Development$200$160$100$33.33
Back-End Web Development$200$160$100$33.33
Salesforce Administrator$175$140$87.50$29.17
Data Analytics$150$120$75$30
Data Science$300$240$150$25

View our payment terms and conditions.


For enrollment into our Career programme, AICE, candidates are eligible for a full sponsorship, covering the administration and programme fees for the duration of the programme. This sponsorship is granted based on application performance, allowing selected individuals to pursue their education without financial constraints.

Pre-Application Resources

As you prepare to get started on the application, here are some materials to help you prepare for the assessments. Please note that ALX has no affiliation with the recommended sites below.


Once you begin your application, communications will be sent on the admissions portal and via email from the Admissions team. Below are the communications you can expect to receive:

  1. Welcome email: You will receive an email that requires you to confirm your email address within 24 hours.
  2. Your decision: Once you submit your application, you will get your decision immediately. If accepted, it will include an enrollment call to action. Please ensure that you confirm your participation in the programme to secure your spot.


  1. In the case where you did not complete your application before the deadline, your application will be saved. If you wish to apply to the same programme for an upcoming cohort, your saved application will be transferred to the next available cohort. To access it, please log into the portal and click apply. It will take you to the beginning of the application, simply click “next” to get to the section where you left off. Note, that if you have not completed an assessment section, you will have to re-do that assessment.
  2. If you are not successful in your application to one of the ALX Programmes, we may recommend an alternate programme for you to apply to. Similarly, if you drop or fail an application, you may reapply to the upcoming cohort.

Admissions Policy

The Admissions Policy is a guideline for what is expected of you as an ALX applicant during the admissions process and once you become part of the community. It also outlines the consequences of potential misconduct during the application process. View the full policy here.


Where can I get help?

  • LEA, our AI experience assistant, is available to assist you.
  • Join our Admissions Office Hours held every Wednesday at 11 AM GMT/ 12 PM WAT / 1 PM CAT / 2 PM EAT.


If rejected, you can only apply in the next intake.

At this time, we do not offer full sponsorship for the Data, Programming & Development or Business programmes.

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