Find Your Place with the ALX Fellowship

The ALX Fellowship is a tech community built for the digital future. Become part of a thriving professional network and gain access to the resources that will propel you towards lifelong career success.

Accelerate Your Career with a Vibrant ALX Alumni Network

ALX is built on the power of lifelong relationships. Fellows get access to a supportive community, lifelong learning opportunities, and additional perks to accelerate their careers.


Legacy Points Make Your Career Journey Count

As you carry on your career journey, earn Legacy Points for your engagement with ALX. You can earn points by participating in, and contributing to the ALX community. These points can be redeemed for anything from new tech to concert tickets or special discounts and promotions from well-known brands.

Level-Up Your Career Journey with the Gold Fellowship

The Gold Fellowship is reserved for top ALX graduates. As part of this elite tier, you gain access to expanded career support. Some of these benefits include:

  • Be integrated into Sand Technology’s global talent pool
  • Mentorship from a dedicated career Pathfinder to represent you to top employers and guide your job search
  • Access a wide range of tailor-made learning and mentorship opportunities to help you build your network
  • Earn Legacy Points at a faster rate and gain access to a variety of rewards and advantages

Join A Talent Community That Wants You to Succeed

After completing your ALX programme, you unlock several benefits that help propel your career journey forward.

Lifelong Learning

Whether it be at local Hubs or in online communities, ALX provides a diverse range of learning resources to support your personal and professional development throughout your career.

Networking Opportunities

ALX Fellows are tested and true tech talent. By connecting you with a pan-African network of tech professionals, you have the opportunity to show off the quality of your skills through big career moves.

Additional Perks & Benefits

You will have the opportunity to gain access to exclusive perks and benefits including credit cards, special discounts, travel experiences, and more.

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Hear From Our Community of Fellows

The Fellowship has helped countless ALX learners find their place in the sprawling world of tech. Hear about the value the Fellowship has added to their lives and careers.

“During my time as a learner with ALX, the community opened many doors of opportunities to me and expanded my network in ways I could never have imagined. The events and resources I gained access to challenged me to fully tap into my potential and navigate life with a why-fit-in-when-I-can-stand-out mindset.”

Joy Atieno Otieno


“ALX Fellowship provided me with an opportunity to learn from experienced tech professionals and mentors within those programmes. This experience has significantly contributed to the development of my skills and deepened my understanding of the tech industry.”

Mohamed Ali


“The coaching and mentorship I received was incredible, accelerating my growth and giving me the confidence to start working in new environments.”

Sharon Murage


Our Community in action

With a bit of help you can reach for the stars. Join our community.

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