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During Foundations, you will learn professional skills that will help you succeed in your ALX specialisation and that can carry you throughout your career. The skills you learn are future-proof and able to adapt to whatever changes might happen as tech evolves.

The ALX Exception

By combining world-class tech training with essential communication, teamwork, and leadership skills, Foundations helps mould you into a well-rounded professional who is sure to stand out in a crowd.

Part 1


The first part of Foundations is dedicated to helping you figure out your personal career ambition. You will meet other members of your cohort in this part and participate in workshops that are designed to help you grow as a professional.

Part 2

Teamwork: Entrepreneurial Projects

Working together with a team, you will then take on entrepreneurial projects, where you will be responsible for wireframing and building prototypes. This section is focused on developing your teamwork, management, and communication skills.

Part 3

Specialisation: Portfolio

In the final part, you will start looking at career paths in your specialisation to understand what you need to do to get there. It all culminates when you build your personal portfolio and website to showcase your new skills.

A professional development toolkit can be accessed during your specialisation that is fully equipped to help you succeed. Inside this toolkit is information on how to succeed at an interview, how to build a proper CV, and how to update your portfolio. The main goal is to set you up for career success.

The 8 Meta Skills of Foundations


Develop self-awareness and set personal career goals.


Learn teamwork and management skills to be a strong leader.

for Impact

Learn to effectively communicate with co-workers, clients, and managers.


Evaluate data with maths, logic, and statistics to drive decision-making.


Identify opportunities for innovation and seize them creatively.


Tackle complex problems in creative ways and analyse situations for key insights.

Complex Tasks

Use time management skills to plan and execute complex projects.


Learn how to adapt and evolve alongside the tech industry.


ALX Foundations is a module that all learners participate in before starting their chosen specialisation. We call it “Foundations” because it helps build a strong base of soft and hard skills that will help you in your programme and in your future career.

You will learn a combination of soft and hard skills that apply to your specialisation directly after and that you can use in your future career. Some important skills you’ll learn include: Google Suite, research, test-taking skills, career-readiness skills, and how to create your portfolio.

Yes, all ALX learners are required to take the Foundations module before starting their chosen specialisation.

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