“The best decision I’ve ever made

in my life was joining ALX. I chose

the Data Science track, and now I’ve opened my own company. This is

one of the greatest achievements

I feel I’ve made during this period.”

Basma Sherif

Data Science


“I was in the Sales Force track at ALX, and now I’m working in two companies. One full-time at Loc Camp and the other part-time at Instant Software Solutions.”

Rawan Mohamed

Salesforce Administrator


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Learner Reviews

“Our core at ALX isn’t just about learning coding languages; we’re learning a way of thinking.”

Habiba Abo Rehab
Software Engineering

“At ALX, you’re not just taking a course; you’re getting a comprehensive experience that will change your life. It’s a different experience from anywhere else offering the same courses.”

Youssef Gad El Rab
Salesforce Administrator

“At ALX, it’s all about the ‘Get Job Ready’ program. It’s very comprehensive and covers everything, unlike other places. The scholarships are not as bundled together as they are here.”

Enas Magdy
Data Science

“I applied to ALX, which was a very new experience for me. I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, but at the moment of graduation, I decided not to work in that field. I started looking for something I love until I fell in love with the field of Data Science. And that’s what I found in ALX.”

Hady Amen
Data Analysis

“After finishing university, I felt like I was still far from the Tech field and didn’t know what to do. But when I joined ALX, everything changed completely. Even halfway through the track, I knew exactly where I was, what I was doing, and what value I was adding to the place where I work.”

Mohamed Waled
Data Science

“Ever since I was young, I wasn’t into playing games as much as I was into figuring out how they were made and exploring their folders. That’s when I realized my passion for the Tech field. After completing my military service, I applied to ALX. I studied the Software Engineering track, and from there, numerous doors opened up for me.”

Software Engineering

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