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A Catalyst for Career Growth: Richard Matovu on The Gold Fellowship’s Influence

Richard Matovu, a Software Engineer leading a vibrant group of Ruby Developers in his home country, Uganda, is working to bridge the gap between tech education and implementation, while fostering innovation and growth in the fintech industry. His participation in the ALX Software Engineering programme played a key role in setting him on this path, and he hasn’t looked back since. Now, as a member of The ROOM Gold Fellowship – a prestigious tech career acceleration programme – Richard offers insight into his tech journey and career goals, and the conducive environment provided by the Gold Fellowship for career advancement.

What were your highlights of the SE programme at ALX?

The programme is significantly practical, especially when compared to similar courses at the university level. I especially enjoyed the encouragement we received to research and figure things out on our own.

How did ALX improve your technical skills?

My critical thinking and problem-solving skills were enhanced through the challenging tasks and projects we did every day. Moreover, the SE programme introduced me to programming languages such as Node.js, Python, C, Javascript and Ruby, which I hadn't previously been familiar with.

Besides leading the African Ruby Community in Uganda, you work remotely for a fintech company in Kenya. What does your role entail?

I am a Senior Engineer at Finplus Group Holdings Limited, where I manage and oversee the development process, tutor and nurture junior and mid-level engineers, engage with clients, and make improvements to the structure and design of projects.

What are your career aspirations as a tech professional?

I hope to become a tech expert in web development and DevOps and ultimately transition into a Chief Technology Officer role for a company one day.

How has your journey with the Gold Fellowship been so far, and what has been your most noteworthy benefit?

It has been quite eventful; meeting other Gold Fellows and getting my own Pathfinder has been a great experience! Having a Pathfinder is definitely a highlight. It provides me an opportunity to gain knowledge and guidance, which is extremely useful for navigating the tech space. 

Overall, what value does the Gold Fellowship hold for you?

It has provided me with an exceptional career coach, granted access to a community of bright minds to network with, and offered numerous opportunities for personal and career growth. Being a Gold Fellow serves as a constant reminder of how far I have come, the challenges I have overcome, and gives me the courage to keep going.

Why do you think it's important to belong to professional networks and communities such as the Gold Fellowship? 

Professional networks and communities open up doors to various career advancement opportunities and help in forging connections with talented individuals, with whom one can make an impact on the world.

The ROOM Gold Fellowship is an exceptional talent experience designed to support the top 5-10% of ALX tech graduates. With exclusive access to a workspace, a dedicated Pathfinder, and opportunities for lifelong learning, it empowers ALX tech graduates and propels their career growth. Apply today to one of ALX’s world-class programmes so that you can gain entry into the Gold Fellowship.

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