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ALX Alumna Faith Okoth Is Mentoring the Next Generation of Problem Solvers

Faith Okoth - ALX Alumna Who Is Mentoring the Next Generation of Tech Problem Solvers

Two years ago, Faith Okoth made the bold decision to turn her love for solving problems into an exciting new career. She joined the ALX Software Engineering programme and hasn’t looked back since. After graduating, Faith was so motivated by her experience at ALX that she decided to join the team as a Technical Mentor, providing her with an opportunity to not only pass on the knowledge and skills that she gained during her training, but also to constantly learn new skills and grow in her career. In this feature interview, she shares what it’s like to be a Technical Mentor to over 9,000 Software Engineering learners at ALX.

Can you share a bit about your background and how it led you to your current position at ALX?

I made the decision to join the tech industry two years ago because I was eager to try something new. I got the opportunity to participate in the ALX Software Engineering programme, and that exposed me to the skills required and opportunities available in the tech space, ultimately leading me to my current position at ALX. My willingness to take on a new challenge has brought me to this point, and I’m excited to use my knowledge and expertise to help others succeed in their own learning journeys. 

What motivated you to enter the tech field and pursue a career in this space? 

My love for solving problems and the satisfaction I get from being able to build solutions. When I discovered tech, I realised that it offered me the perfect platform to exercise my problem-solving skills. With tech I can build something, track its progress, and iterate until I come up with a solution that works efficiently. This continuous process of problem-solving gives me a sense of fulfilment that is hard to come by in other fields. Additionally, the tech space is constantly evolving, and this provides me with something new to learn, keeping me motivated to keep going and growing in my career.

What are some of your key responsibilities at ALX?

I currently work as a Technical Mentor to over 9,000 learners in the Software Engineering programme. My key responsibilities include ensuring efficient programme delivery, providing technical support to the students and facilitating live coding sessions.

What do you love most about your work?

I really enjoy being able to engage with the ALX learners and continuously learn from them. It helps me gain new insights and perspectives that I might not have otherwise considered. My work doesn’t only benefit the learners; it has also greatly improved my tech knowledge and contributed to my professional development. I find that the collaborative learning approach helps me build strong relationships, and fosters a positive learning environment. I'm at the forefront of building a pipeline of Software Engineering talent on the continent and I love it!

Why do you believe it's important for more women to pursue careers in the tech industry?

By nature, women tend to be excellent problem solvers and researchers, which makes them well-suited for the fast-paced and constantly evolving field of tech. 

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