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At our tech hub in Casablanca, Morocco, you can immerse yourself in hands-on, enjoyable tech training. Collaborate with other like-minded individuals and unlock your personal and professional growth by learning and working together.

SPACES Hub Overview

  • Location: Situated in Ain Diab, our hub is strategically nestled between Anfa Place Mall and Megarama.
  • Premier Beach View: One of the highlights of our hub is its breathtaking beach view, which not only provides a serene atmosphere but also situates it in a safe zone.
  • Size & First Impressions: The hub spans an impressive 500 square meters of open space. Every newcomer is often left awe-inspired by the sheer magnitude and the thoughtful branding adorning the space.
  • Atmosphere: The aesthetic and functional setup we offer instills a surge of motivation. This environment primes our learners to harness their complete attention, enabling them to be more productive.

Neighbourhood Benefits

  • Proximity to Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Sharing our coworking space are top-tier companies. This proximity provides our learners with invaluable opportunities to immerse themselves in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Dining & Leisure: Step out, and within just 2 minutes, you’ll find yourself at a delightful mall. Here, numerous restaurants offer delectable dishes at attractive prices. A perfect spot to grab a bite or just to take a refreshing break!

Events & Activities at the Hub

  • Diverse Range: We pride ourselves on hosting an array of events and activities, each contributing to the vibrant life of the hub and enriching the learner’s experience.
  • Entertainment Events: Highlights include the “ALx Got Talent” show and a myriad of social games events that keep the spirit lively.
  • Educational & Networking: We facilitate pitch competitions, roundtables with industry experts, and robust social networking events. Each of these plays a pivotal role in strengthening community ties and fostering collaboration.

    Casablanca Anfa Place, Casablanca 20000


  • Opening Hours

    Monday – Sunday | 9:30am – 10:15pm

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