The ALX Mavericks Pitch Showdown

Innovative Startups Shine at ALX Mavericks Pitch Showdown in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis buzzed with entrepreneurial energy as ten visionary startups competed in the ALX Mavericks Pitch Showdown, a culmination of creativity, innovation, and relentless dedication to shaping the future. Hosted by ALX Ventures, this showdown was a testament to the commitment to nurture entrepreneurship and support emerging African talent.

Out of a pool of 57 applicants, 36 entrepreneurs completed the intensive ALX Founders Academy program, honing their skills and refining their ideas. Their journey from submission – including pitch decks, videos, MVPs, and Lean Canvases – to selection was a testament to their unwavering determination and creative prowess.

Leveraging the power of social media, ALX Ventures engaged audiences and showcased 20 exceptional candidates, each brimming with potential. Following a meticulous interview process, the spotlight finally fell on ten final startups from diverse sectors, ranging from HealthTech to EdTech to AgriTech and Creative Industries.

The top 10 teams were then trained by seasoned Toastmasters coaches. They honed their pitching skills to ensure they were armed to deliver compelling presentations that captivated the audience and judges alike.

On 2 December, the top three contenders vied for the coveted grand prize of 100,000 Ethiopian Birr. Their presentations were more than just pitches; they were bold narratives weaving tales of innovation and ambition, leaving the judges facing an arduous decision.

And the winner is…

Curious Eyes, a trailblazing team revolutionising education through Augmented Reality, emerged victorious, claiming the grand prize. An esteemed judge, who is an accomplished entrepreneur, also promised Curious Eyes and the runners-up technical mentorship, business guidance, and exclusive one-on-one sessions.

The first-ever ALX Mavericks Pitch Competition concluded with resounding success, not just in the celebration of Curious Eyes' triumph but also in the promise it held for all participants – a promise of nurturing innovation and empowering tomorrow's trailblazers.

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