Setting the Tone for 2024: Goal-Setting Adventures in Johannesburg and Kigali

2024 is our year to DREAM BIG, and what better way to set off the year than with a double dose of inspiration? Our community in Johannesburg and Kigali set the stage for an inspiring start to 2024 with … goal-setting events.

Johannesburg Unleashes Creativity: "Year Planning and Vision Boards" Masterclass

In the bustling city of Johannesburg, ALX witnessed an electrifying kickoff for 2024 with the "Year Planning and Vision Boards" masterclass. Val Wigget, a member of the African Leadership Group and the Senior Director of Career Programs at ALA, led the charge, sharing invaluable insights and practical tools with a dynamic gathering of 60 in-person ALX learners and Fellows, alongside 40 virtual participants eager to carve their path to success.

The room pulsated with creative energy as each attendee meticulously crafted their vision boards, manifesting bold career aspirations and personal milestones. What set this event apart was the  diverse dreams and visions that came to life on those boards, bringing a unique energy to the event. To wrap up the day, a lively networking and games session was organised, featuring top-notch refreshments that left everyone buzzing with excitement.

Kigali Delves into Science-Based Goal Mastery with Samir Khan

Meanwhile, in the picturesque city of Kigali, Leadership Development Specialist Samir Khan offered ALX learners a profound session on "How to Set Goals You Will Stick To." This science-based workshop equipped our learners with the latest research-backed methods to conquer personal and professional goals.

The event also featured a fascinating experiment, illustrating the power of focus. It was a subtle reminder that with targeted attention, we can achieve our goals by staying unwaveringly focused. Samir Khan's wisdom blended seamlessly with the tranquil Kigali atmosphere, leaving attendees inspired and ready to conquer their ambitions.

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