Lagos, Nigeria

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Hub 1 ALX Costain Hub

We operate an extensive network of eleven (11) individual hubs, strategically positioned across Lagos, Nigeria, with a combined capacity of over 900 seats. These hubs, strategically dispersed throughout different neighbourhoods of Lagos are designed to serve as vibrant focal points where our diverse and engaged learner community convenes.

It is within these well-designated hubs that our learners convene to foster meaningful connections, expand their networks, acquire knowledge, and nurture their personal and professional growth.

Our hub network collectively accommodates and empowers a substantial monthly average of over 5000 ( cohort 1 & 2) eager learners. This impressive number underscores the widespread popularity and, more importantly, the profoundly positive influence our educational programs wield within the local community. These hubs, in the truest sense, embody our commitment to providing accessible and dynamic hybrid learning spaces that facilitate the exchange of ideas, the cultivation of talent, and the transformation of lives.


    4th Floor, ITF (Industrial Training Fund) Building, Funsho Williams Avenue, Lagos


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    Monday – Saturday | 8am – 8pm

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