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“Diversity Is the Foundation for Better Solutions”: Natalija Puzanskaja on the Need for Women in Tech

Diversity in tech | Natalija Puzanskaja

Not everyone can say they were born for the world of tech, but Natalija Puzanskaja can. She was born in Lithuania to two software engineers, and was inspired by them to choose a career path in tech.

Professionally, Natalija is a statistician, but has a multi-disciplinary background in software development, database design and business analytics and over a decade of experience in the tech industry. She works as a Senior Data Engineer at ALX & The ROOM, and has been described as a "data whisperer" who approaches her work creatively to arrive at fresh, break-through solutions.

Can you share what inspired you to join ALX?

I prioritise ideas and problems over company names, which is why I joined ALX. The problem it is solving is huge and the idea it embodies is bold.

What motivated you to enter the tech field and pursue a career in this space? 

My parents are my role models for both family and work life. Both of them are software engineers, so they served as good examples of what a life in tech could look like. I love them both, but don't tell my dad I said this – I think mom is more successful :)

What are some of your key responsibilities at ALX?

I ensure the business runs uninterrupted by data ingestion, pipelines creation and timely maintenance.

What do you love most about your work?

I like my work for its ability to make an impact.

Why do you believe it's important for more women to get into tech?

I believe diversity is the foundation for better solutions.

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