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ALX Expectations of Learners

ALX graduates know themselves, are aligned with their values, communicate and collaborate effectively, are humble and empathetic, and are critical and creative thinkers. To successfully join and be part of this community, you need to practice and live by our CHAIIR values. Please read through them below and consent before moving forward:

Believe in your capacity to learn and do hard things. Be bold enough to share feedback and speak your mind respectfully.

Engage with the community in a respectful and dignified manner that contributes to maintaining a supportive community and an inclusive environment.

Demonstrate curiosity by going where no one else has gone before and being passionate about your growth and the growth of your peers in the community.

Demonstrate self-leadership by being a self-starter who takes initiative of their future, family and community.

Show integrity by holding yourself to the highest standard of conduct in all circumstances. Refrain from any form of discrimination, harassment and bullying of any other member of the community.

Demonstrate grit through perseverance and embracing hardship as part of the journey toward achieving your goals.

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